Cats have latin’s name, it is Felis Silvertis Catus . The tame cats have been together with human since 6.000 years before masehi. Since 3.500 years before masehi, mesir’s people have used cat to chase away mouse from rice-shed.  Cats are one of species pet that popular in the world. Cats that include pure heredity persia, silam manx, sphinx only 1% from all cats in the world and the other is village-cat and wild-cat.
          Young cats are blind and deaf, they open their eyes in 8-10 days of age. Their hormone sexual active at 10-15 month of age.  Cats have weigh 2,5 - 7,0 kg and rarely that more than 10 kg . Cats that keep in the special house can live for 15-20 years. But,the oldest cat in the world has 36 years old. While the wild cat only can live about 2 years.
          Cats belong to “perfect carnivora” with their tooth and special digestive system. Their body is small, so, cats are not too dangerous for human. That dangerous just bite of cats can be infection of rabies and their claws are very smarting. If they have fighted , they upright their feather and make their body curve, so that they seen more big. Although they are carnivora, they like warm atmosphere and sleep away below sun light. Their dirt is dry and they like bury it in the sand place..

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